Commuting by bicycle in Moscow


8. huhtikuuta 2014

Once a day throughout the year you can take a direct train from Helsinki railway station to Moscow. A week ago I stepped into the train once again, but this time with bicycle. Early spring had cleared the streets and forecast proposed excellent cycling conditions. I was attending a week long seminar at the Higher School of Economics, and I was lucky to have nice 10k commute from Leninsky prospekt metro to Myasnitskaya street along the Moscow river and through Red Square.

Map in googlemaps

Temperature was around zero and streets were dry and clean after winter. The bike path by the Moscow river is great.

Moscow is filled with grand statues and buildings. It’s important to fit your bike in the photo.

Cycling can be bit intense on the larger streets, but often you can pick a smaller and safer side street, and sometimes footpath is your only option. But in general, I strongly recommend cycling in Moscow. is a good resource for further information.

keywords: cycling, moscow, fixed gear, safer than you might think



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